Build your own Website and Sell Online with TidyCommerce

TidyCommerce is a full featured, modern, cloud eCommerce solution designed to cater to the needs of your customers. TidyCommerce provides a range of plans to suit the most basic requirements, yet scale up or down in functionality, transaction volume, etc. as your business strives to deliver the expectations of your most demanding customers.

Some of the features included in all TidyCommerce plans:


  • Content management
  • Email POP accounts
  • Generous file space and e-traffic volumes provided
  • Web statistics for help in seeing what’s happening in your store
  • Backups for your peace of mind and business continuity


  • Shopping cart (incl. multiple cart layouts)
  • Loyalty points program
  • Discount calculator
  • Custom pricing
  • POS
  • Vouchers
  • Multi-vendor system
  • Appointment scheduling, rental management and accommodation booking system


  • TidyStock
  • TidyEnterprise
  • Range of customer payment options
  • Freight integration
  • API
  • Reviews and integrated rating widget
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TidyCommerce integrates seamlessly with TidyStock  and TidyEnterprise to provide a unified solution to your operations. This further enhances productivity by providing a familiar, streamlined set of workflow tools to perform efficiently, and help deliver exceptional customer service.

Key financial data flows from Tidy through to Xero ensuring your financial accounting records are always up to date in real-time.

Design your website now. Pay later.